Education Loan in Gujarat Apply Online for Interest Subsidy Scheme 2018

Education Loan in Gujarat Apply Online for Interest Subsidy Scheme: Gujarat Government has introduced Education Loan Interest Assistance Plan 2018 for the students covered under the Chief Minister’s self-help plan. Under this scheme, all students receive a 100% interest subsidy on education loan for a period of moratorium (1 year in addition to the curriculum). This subsidy will apply to the loan up to a maximum of rupees. 10 lakhs registration is open and interested candidates can apply online at the official website

The interest subsidy scheme on education loans will benefit all the bright and needy students to continue their studies after the 12th standard. This scheme is applicable for graduate / post graduate / diploma and education courses for higher education in professional courses based on the conditions of the following eligibility.

All applicants must pass class 12 or equivalent with 12 or more percentages. Apart from this, the annual income of the family of all the source candidates is Rs. 6 lakh pay State Government Rs. 500 million crores in Gujarat budget 2017-18

Gujarat Education Loan Interest Subsidy Scheme 2018

Below is the complete procedure to apply online for Interest Subsidy Scheme on Education Loan in Gujarat:-

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Education Loan in Gujarat Apply Online for Interest Subsidy Scheme 2018@

Here candidates can fill their eligibility details accurately and then click at the “Next” button. Afterwards, “Registration Form for Interest Subsidy Scheme on Education Loan” will appear as shown below:-

Registration Form - Education Loan in Gujarat Apply Online for Interest Subsidy Scheme 2018 @

Enter all your details correctly and “submit” the completed application form. For more details on “How To Apply Online for Education Loan Interest Subsidy Scheme” in Gujarat, see the complete process (along with the document list). Gujarati (PDF), English (PDF)

All students must read the rules and regulations before applying online for the interest subsidy scheme on education loan. Instructions are available in both PDF format and in both English and English languages. Students can click this link directly to read the instructions. Instructions Gujarati (PDF), Instructions English (PDF)

Eligibility for Interest Subsidy Scheme on Education Loan

  • These applicants must complete the following eligibility criteria to become eligible for this scheme: –

  • Applicants must pass 12th standard from the Gujarat Higher Secondary Examination Board (GHSB) or the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and enroll in a recognized university is essential.

  • The applicant should be secured at least 60% in class 12th examination and after passing 2012, after passing 2012, 12 passes should be passed. If the candidates, who have passed 12th year before 2011, where no percentage is shown in the mark sheet, then such candidates can apply on percentage basis.

  • Students enrolled in diploma admission after 10 th standard (who do not have 12th matriculation) and can apply for graduation / post graduation can also apply on CGI / CGPA / percentage basis.

  • Annual Income of the family of the candidates from all sources must not exceed Rs. 6 lakh.

  • All students who take an academic loan after 4th July 2017 from a scheduled bank for higher education in India and abroad are eligible. Moreover, if the loan for the student is approved before 4th July 2017 and the loan amount withdrawn after 4th July 2017, such students are eligible to apply for this scheme.

  • This interest on education loan is applicable for subsidy scheme graduation / post-graduation / diploma and other professional courses.Those students who have left mid-course studies in school curriculum or have been expelled from the organization for some reason are not eligible. For more details about the interest subsidy scheme on education loans in Gujarat, see Bulletin – Info. Booklet Gujarati (PDF), Info. Booklet English (PDF)

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For complete information, visit the official website

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